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Thursday 21st March 2013 is BBC News School Report day on which Year 8 students report the news for the BBC.

There will be a selection of news items as well as general reports and interviews.

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Thirteen in Thirteen
This year, as all the millennium babies will be turning 13, BBC School Report theme is 13 in 13. As part of this the BBC want to ask any guests 13 questions from 13 different School Reporters.
Kyran Bracken
The former England rugby player and Dancing On Ice star found a few minutes to answer our questions
As part of the Fairtrade Fortnight activities St Andrew's hosted a Fairtrade shop for parents, students and friends

The 2013 School Reporters



Piling on the PRESSure

Are newspapers, magazines and the television too hard on celebrities?

Our German Friends

Whilst they are at St Andrew's some of our German exchange students have been interviewed for BBC News School Report 2013


School Reporters have been finding out about the teachers'cuddly animals rather than their favourite students

Heroes and Idols

As a belated activity for Comic Relief students and teachers are dressing up as their heroes or idols. Who have they chosen to imitate?

What We Like to Eat

With the horsemeat scandal in the news lately School Reporters investigate how good school meals are.

Changing Designs at St Andrew's

The school logo has changed recently; what do people think about other changes that could be made to the look of the school.

The full broadcast